Website Launch

January 16, 2019 2 min read

Website Launch

3... 2...1... Ignition!

Wow, what a long ride and journey these past few months have been. We are finally here to share our clothing with the world. Our aim, any time we create, will always be to utilize some of the most innovative fibers.

But we're not stopping anytime soon... We have major plans to expand our product categories as we grow.

We'd like to thank everyone who’s contributed to the development of our first line of short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. Our modern short sleeve and long sleeve crew tees have been in development since 2017. We've spent the past year researching the best possible fibers and fabrics. Through countless experiments and washing, we can finally launch what we consider to be the world's softest and most comfortable shirt available.

It took 10+ fit changes and adjustments to ensure we went above and beyond in quality. No corners were cut in the process.

We even reached out to around 20 people on Reddit and were surprised at the amount of initial positive feedback we received from the first version of our tee. Thanks to their comments, we made adjustments to our shirts and are really satisfied with the final product.

Don’t worry, nothing has changed with the fabric, it’s still incredibly soft and worth every penny.

Lastly, we want to be as transparent as possible with our manufacturing. Because of this, you can view how our clothes get made on the Our Process page of our site. There, we give you an inside look at our factories and breakdown our production process from start to finish. Our good friend Alec who is very talented with the camera spent some time with our founder, Blake Ulves, in Downtown LA. You can follow him on his Instagram at @fujifilmin.

If you’ve been following us on our social media page @blakesbasics  you will also see some really good photography that we were able to take while touring the factories.

We hope that you are excited as we are because we are just getting started!



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