The Bamboo Linen tee

May 23, 2019 2 min read

The Bamboo Linen tee

The Bamboo Linen Tee

Posted at 11:00 • 23 Mar • Blake • Blog Posts

Hey Blakes Basics Readers

Chief fabric officer Blake here. I am super excited to announce our bamboo-linen tee as part of our summer line up, you should see it on our page in 3 weeks from now.

So what makes this tee so special? Well, let’s take a look at the fibers.

Bamboo -A regenerated cellulose fiber, Is known for its soft hand feel ability to drape well. A lot of people have even referred to it as mankind’s impersonation of silk. Bamboo by itself is naturally antibacterial and when treated correctly can translate into a textile form. Lastly, because it’s regenerated cellulose; means it decomposes well in soil leaving no environmental impacts.


Linen -Originating from the Flax plant, has been one of the oldest fibers available to man. It’s very robust and resilient towards external abrasions. What linen is most notable for among the general populous, is that it has a tendency to be very cool it does a good job being breathable and allowing airflow to pass through its the fibers.


Best Of both Worlds -By combining bamboo with linen, you are able to blend the benefits of both of these fibers into a absolutely awesome tee that's incredibly lightweight and breathable and perfect for those scorching hot summer days.


The Backstory

In it’s preliminary testing phases it was very hard to control the shrinkage in this fabric. This is due to linen being highly reactive towards the humidity in its environment. Depending on how much moisture was in the air, the tee could grow or shrink in many different ways. So naturally, when trying to garment dye these after sewing would result in not so desirable fits.


After toying with this fabric for almost 9 months, I had finally set out to find a dye house that would help me launder the fabric as rolls (before cutting and sewing). After asking around some local contacts in LA, I was directed towards the last dye house in town that specifically handled small yardage goods. It’s a small dye house located right in downtown in probably what is considered one of the sketchiest parts of town, right inside Skid Row… I’m used to worn down exteriors of Los Angeles factories sometimes resulting in some real gems and thankfully this was one of them, Family owned by Korean Immigrants Johnny and his son Jeff. They knew exactly how to handle my fabric and were able to help me dye my remaining yardage with absolutely no shrinkage issues. I'm super pumped on this tee and can't wait to hear your feedback on it.


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